Using 2017 Pantone Colors in Your Wedding

Pantone Colors

The colors that you choose for your wedding day will set the tone for nearly every aspect of the event – the invitations, the bridesmaid dresses, the linens, the cake – and of course, the flowers! Each year, there are trending colors that seem to show up in every bridal magazine and on every Pinterest board. These colors are often inspired by the Pantone Color Institute’s annual list of the hottest shades, gleaned from the world’s most fashionable runways. Although the list includes the Top 10 Colors, one reigns as Color of the Year. In 2017, the winning color is Greenery (seen above)

If you are looking to incorporate any of these Pantone colors into your Nashville area wedding, be sure to contact Rebel Hill Florist. We will transform your favorite colors into gorgeous wedding flowers that will make a dramatic impression.
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Inspiration for Your Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal
It’s finally time for the wedding proposal. Whether you hire a flash mob or go a more classic route, this day is one you will remember for years to come. While the extravagance – or lack of it – is not really the important part, planning a proposal that will be meaningful to your significant other is key. From the big question to the big day, Rebel Hill Florist will be with you every step of the way, providing beautiful florals that reflect your love and devotion.
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Wedding Extras and Floral Details

floral details

When you are planning for your wedding day, there are many decisions to be made. A wedding day is a uniquely personal day, a celebration that exudes your personality as a couple. Do you prefer formal tradition or rustic comfort? Do you like contemporary themes, or is vintage more your style? The ambiance that you decide upon will guide your decisions and choices. Your floral details will go a long way to setting the theme for your wedding. At Rebel Hill Florist, we have helped hundreds of Nashville area couples to bring their dream wedding to life.
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Elegant Florals, Sophisticated Metallics

metallic accents

It all starts with the most elegant florals. Lush roses, exotic orchids, graceful lilies or vivid wildflowers, designed creatively to bring your vision to life. And there are few elements more capable of complementing the beauty of each of these bouquets and arrangements than metallics. Metallic accents have been growing in popularity more every year because they add glitz, glamor, and a bit of shine to your special day. Are you planning a wedding in the Nashville area? Call Rebel Hill Florist, and let us help you to design the wedding florals of your dreams.
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Wedding Orchid Bouquets and Designs

orchid bouquets

Ask any bride which flowers she is considering for her wedding day, and she is likely to mention the orchid. This elegant bloom, which throughout history has represented love, luxury, and beauty, remains the quintessential bridal choice. The flower comes in so many colors and varieties that orchid bouquet designs are limited only by your imagination. Are you planning a Nashville or Crieve Hall wedding? Here is some information on the amazing orchid that will help you in your floral decisions.

orchid bouquets

White cymbidium orchids are a classic choice for cascading bridal bouquets. These large blooms are pure white, with a splash of bright color in the center and along the edges of their petals. Cymbidiums are available in a wide range of exotic hues, including magenta, lime green and bright yellow and orange, making them easy to incorporate into any color palette. You may choose to create an all orchid bouquet, or to mix this sophisticated flower with roses, calla lilies and hydrangea for an eclectic and unique arrangement,

Two other types of popular orchids are the dendrobium and the phalaenopsis. Dendrobium varieties, which are the darkest purple bloom seen below, are small and delicate flowers that grow on stalks and are usually arranged in large bunches. Dendrobium blooms are vibrantly colored and exceptionally versatile. By contrast, phalaenopsis orchids are also known as “moth orchids” because they have large, fluttering petals that resemble moth wings. In the below centerpiece, the phalaenopsis is represented in the largest grouping of light lilac flowers with purple centers.

orchid bouquets

Orchid bouquets are beautiful whether minimalist or lavish, monochromatic or multi-colored, single-bloom or mixed arrangement.  Orchids are equally appropriate displayed in an abundant design, adorning a lapel or garnishing a cake tier. They are sophisticated, opulent, striking and unique. With so much choice and opportunity for creativity, what will you choose? Schedule an appointment with an expert wedding designer from Rebel Hill Florist, and we’ll get to work creating stunning bouquets and wedding flowers that won’t soon be forgotten.

Planning a Nashville Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingDuring long and relaxing summer days, your holiday wedding may seem far off. But with only six months remaining before the big day, now is the time to make sure your planning is well on it’s way!
Winter weddings – especially those surrounding the holidays – hold the promise of being sophisticated, sentimental and very romantic. Classic red, white and black tie weddings are aesthetically striking and elegant; while a shining white and silver wedding embodies a frosty winter beauty. For those looking to add a modern flair to the traditional palettes, pairing deep magenta or purple with white presents a gorgeous contrast. To further create a wintry holiday setting, incorporate elements such as crystals, candles and metallic details into your bouquets and arrangements; these add shimmer to an already magical event.
holiday weddingThere are some unique details to consider when planning a holiday wedding.  For instance, certain aspects of planning, such as the venue and the entertainment, are simply more expensive this time of year due to demand. It is also imperative to make sure these resources are booked well in advance, as couples do compete with many other parties during the holidays for these items. Some flowers may be difficult to obtain if they are out of season, and therefore a desired flower may be unavailable or very expensive. However, the wedding experts at Rebel Hill have hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to achieve the perfect holiday look within your budget – for instance, adding more Christmas greenery in lieu of all flowers, utilizing white or silvery branches to suspend hanging candles for natural centerpieces, or simply replacing one bloom with a similarly luxurious, in season alternative.
Most wedding coordinators agree on one thing, however – the bride shouldn’t ever compromise on her perfect bridal bouquet. Even if that one bouquet is pricier than expected, it is a focal point and showpiece, front and center, highly viewed and often photographed. That is one place that the bide should have exactly the flowers she dreams of, regardless of season. The rest of the wedding flowers can match her palette and style perfectly, while not breaking the budget.

Whatever time of year you choose for your wedding, your best choice in Nashville for a wedding florist is Rebel Hill Florist. We have the experience that will guarantee honest and heartfelt advice, designed to ensure your dream wedding day.

Designer Wedding Flowers For Any Budget

designer wedding flowersThe planning of a wedding can be a bit intimidating, and every detail to be considered has an associated price tag. While many brides look to the internet for ideas on how to cost-cut and DIY, shopping for the lowest cost when looking for wedding flowers is not a positive trend. When receiving a blind price quote, you can never really be sure where the flowers are coming from, which blooms will be utilized and just how the bouquets will look. There should be a way to get all that you want and deserve, while staying within a budget – and there is. The experts at Rebel Hill have all the knowledge, expertise and creativity that you need.

The entire atmosphere of the wedding day – the color scheme, the romance, the personality – is often expressed in the flowers. The experts at Rebel Hill are professional floral designers who take great pride in their work. Far from simply delivering bouquets and arrangements off a list, the consultant will go above and beyond, assess details, utilize in-depth knowledge of seasonal flowers, and make recommendations that will make your flowers even more fabulous. Here are a few more ways that having a personal wedding consultant handle your flowers can be beneficial.

Floral designers are aware of which flowers are in season, as well as which blooms can be sourced locally; guaranteeing the best quality flowers at the best cost.
If the bride is looking for ways to save money, her favorite flower can be utilized to create her personal flowers, while reception arrangements can be created with complementary flowers within the same color palette.

Professionals have many tips to share. Rather than scaling back on the main flowers, consider using some arrangements twice. For instance, you can use the same flowers from your rehearsal dinner at your reception; or the bridesmaids bouquets can double as table décor.
Floral petals or lush greenery can be coupled with non-floral elements like candles or water vases, instead of expensive centerpieces.

With hundreds of weddings in our portfolio, our floral consultants are familiar with local venues, understand which flowers are the best value, and even can advise you on how your choices will withstand the summer heat. The advice of a Rebel Hill floral design expert is invaluable in the preparation for your Nashville wedding – it is about more than price, and we deliver on all counts.

Traditional Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesThroughout the planning process, the modern bride makes most of the decisions. But Mom is never far way, watching quietly until she is needed – to interject a calm voice, to provide a few safety pins, or to rearrange the seating chart on the fly. The mother-of-the-bride has some traditional roles to be sure, but her most important role often turns out just being a mom!

Here are some customary roles – and some contemporary updates – that every mother of the bride should know about.

Moms generally will accompany their daughters to choose the wedding gown; if she lives someplace other than Nashville, consider a video chat! It’s a great way to involve Mom even if she is not there.

Moms are often asked to coordinate and compile the guest list; send out the invitations and manage the responses. These days many brides utilize electronic tools to manage this task, but Mom can still be there one to keep tabs on the count!

Moms are always happy to coordinate with the vendors. Although the bride and groom are more involved than ever in wedding plans, once the major decisions are made, Mom can relieve a lot of the stress by maintaining contact through the process.

Moms are the traditional hostess of the reception, but not the bridal shower. These days, however, both of those rules have eased. Bridal parties often welcome the help of the mother of the bride for the shower preparations, and the role of hostess at the reception is less formal when the couple has paid for their wedding.

Times have changed, and so have traditions – but two things have never changed. The first is that the bond between a mother and daughter is unique and special. The second is that you cannot have a wedding without flowers! From bouquets to corsages to eye-catching centerpieces, Rebel Hill Florist is the area’s leading provider of all things wedding floral – give us a call, or let Mom do it! Either way, you’ll love the flowers at Rebel Hill.

Rebel Hill Florist – Strange but True Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsWhen it comes to wedding day ceremony, truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Many of the accepted wedding traditions that we adhere to on this special day are deeply rooted in odd superstition, historical oddities and cultural influences which no longer apply. In contemporary times, they are merely traditions – but ones we cling to, often not knowing where they originated.

  • The Proposal – Although today a clever proposal is lauded and posted around the internet, in history past, the groom rarely proposed. Instead, he sent trusted family members to ask for his bride’s hand. If along the way they saw a pregnant woman, a blind man or a monk , the wedding was off. However, if they saw a nanny-goat or a wolf, all was well and they could proceed.
  • The Bridal Shower – In most cultures, a dowry was expected when a woman was married. The dowry consisted of money or property that the father of the bride would give to the couple to start their new life. When the bride’s father objected to the union, he often withheld the dowry. This prompted the bride’s friends to step in and “shower her” with gifts and money to replace the dowry, allowing the ceremony to proceed.
  • The Bridal Party – In warring societies, bridesmaids and groomsmen were selected based on their ability to fight – their job was to surround and protect the bride from thieves and kidnappers. The strongest and bravest of these, the “best man”, stood by the groom’s side to either kidnap the bride back, or to fetch her from a reluctant village. The tradition of the bride standing to the groom’s left was practical – it allowed him to have quick access to his sword if needed.
  • The Wedding Cake – In some tribal cultures, the act of eating a wedding cake together comprises the entire wedding ceremony. In England centuries ago, guests offered small pastries to the couple, creating a pile between them. If the bride and groom could lean across and share a kiss without disturbing the pile, it was considered good luck. It is believed that tiered wedding cakes, and kisses shared after taking a bite, are both derived from this medieval custom.

Flowers have always played a role in wedding ceremonies, although like most elements of the wedding, they had a deeper meaning in ancient times. As flowers carry with them hidden significance, the bouquets were chosen to speak a message of love, fidelity, honor or excitement. The process of choosing flowers based on theme, color palette or simple preference is a modern one – but no less valid. When it comes time to choose your floral bouquets, centerpieces or ceremony décor for your Nashville area wedding, look to the experts at Rebel Hill Florist. After all, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to start a few new traditions of your own – and we are here to help you do just that.

Rebel Hill Florists – Summer Weddings

summer weddingSummer wedding planning is in full swing, and the summer trends are bold, fun and colorful – just like the season that inspires them. While summer gives us the opportunity to hold weddings outdoors in beautiful and diverse venues, we do need to be cognizant of the heat and humidity. So as you plan your summertime nuptials, here are some expert tips – from flowers to refreshments – that will make your wedding day the coolest one ever, even if the hot sun is streaming down.



summer weddingFlowers: The hottest summer floral trends are vivid colors and wildflowers. Bouquets are more organic than manicured; and unique elements that showcase your personality are not only allowed, they are encouraged! Because flowers may wilt in the heat, make sure your arrangements and centerpieces are situated in plenty of water; place bouquets in water when not needed for the ceremony or photos. Best flowers for the heat? Roses, orchids, calla lilies and wildflowers.

summer weddingVenues: We have so many beautiful outdoor locations for weddings in the Nashville area. If booking a more traditional venue, look for porticos or porches which will shield your guests; but if you are headed to the great outdoors, you may need a little creativity. Natural shaded areas will work wonderfully as long as you are aware of the sun’s position; if you can’t guarantee a shady event, consider tents that can simply canopy the event if sunny skies, but protect them if rain begins to fall. To keep the bride and groom cool under pressure, a floral canopy or arch over the ceremony is always a cool choice.

summer wedding

Guests: We don’t want wilted flowers, or wilted guests! Fill metal bathtubs of wooden barrel with ice and cold drinks, available from the moment they get there; or hire waiters to offer refreshing nonalcoholic cocktails as they wait for the ceremony. Another hot summer trend are food carts; fill them with frozen treats and position around your venue. For a fun twist, hand out keepsake sunglasses or personal fans to keep attendees cool.

Whatever the season, Rebel Hill Florist has the ideas you need as to the best flowers, hottest trends and creative designs that will make your wedding be a standout event. Call us today, or stop into our Nashville flower shop – summer will be here before you know it, and we need to get planning.