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Posted by rebelhillflorist on January 10, 2017 Flowers Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Romance is an Adventure

Valentine's Day

In life, there are all kinds of adventures. And in love, the adventure is unique to each and every couple. Because we do what we do, the floral designers at Rebel Hill Florist have seen hundreds of love stories and grand adventures over the years. This Valentine’s Day, you can rely on our expertise to guide you to the right flowers to represent the special journey that you are on.

Doesn’t Everyone Send Red Roses? While 50% of the people who purchases flowers on Valentine’s Day will choose the regal red rose, that leaves half of the population who opt for something different. 

Valentine's Day romance

“I absolutely love orchids. Since we have met, he has given me some form of orchid whenever he buys me flowers. One year he got me roses, and although they were stunning, we both said it just didn’t feel right. He’s given me orchids ever since. It’s just ‘our thing’. ”

Maybe your relationship is new, and you want to send flowers that are light-hearted and bright. Perhaps a certain flower has come to be very meaningful in your relationship. Or maybe red roses are appropriate, but you like them arranged with a bit of style and flair. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find it right here.
Valentine's Day romance

Did You Know? Flowers are the most common gift on Valentine’s Day. In fact, over 60% of us will exchange floral bouquets over the holiday – and 6 million couples will get engaged with the help of a floral arrangement.

Valentine's Day romance

“When we began dating, he would leave red roses randomly for me to find – on the hood of my car, waiting for me on my desk at work, on the wall outside my home. I just never knew when I would spot another red rose. Years later,  he still gives me red roses. Although now, I get full bouquets.”

For many, there is no replacement for the classic red rose. It represents lasting love, deep commitment, and thriving romance. If you want the most exquisite long-stemmed roses in Nashville, give us a call. But don’t wait too long! Beat the rush and guarantee that your sweetheart receives the perfect flowers at the perfect time. Valentine's Day romance

At Rebel Hill Florist, we are ready to help you celebrate your love story – simply browse our Valentine’s Day collection, give us a call, or stop by our Nashville flower shop to speak with our expert floral designers. Love is definitely an adventure, and what a journey it is!

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