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Summertime Roses, Designs & Bouquets

summertime roses

The sights and sounds of summer are vivid and vibrant, with beautiful color and excitement in the air. Nashville is buzzing with activity and everything is just a little more bright – making June ideal for celebrating National Rose Month. Although these flowers are beloved all year long, summer roses give us the opportunity to send an iconic flower with a whimsical twist. Choose neon pinks, sunset oranges, or radiant yellows – but choose roses! They are perfect for your best friend, your mom, or your sweetheart – and Rebel Hill Florist has all of the beautiful summertime roses you’ll need.

Can’t Get Enough? Check out our Pinterest Board for amazing photos of our rose bouquets and floral designs! 

Summertime Roses

Roses come in many colors, and each has a special meaning. We all know that red roses are the perfect way to express romantic love and passion. But the meanings of some of the other roses are a bit more obscure. If you’d like to send an especially meaningful gift of summertime roses, consider these hidden meanings:

Pink roses are thought to indicate a sweet, innocent love – like the love between a father and daughter. Pink roses are also indicative of appreciation and gratitude, so are often given to mentors, moms, and those who have played a special role in our lives. Yellow roses are the symbol of loyalty and friendship. It would be appropriate to send yellow roses to a colleague to recognize an achievement or a best friend to recognize your bond.  Orange roses are a blend of yellow and red, and so bridge the gap between friendship and love. IN other words, orange roses reflect infatuation or a promising relationship. Similarly, purple roses can have romantic overtones, suggesting enchantment with another person.

Summertime Roses

No matter your reason for sending them, summertime roses are a beautiful way to convey your love and affection. Call Rebel Hill Florist today for any specials, or to have a custom bouquet created  – we’d love to help!

We deliver across the greater Nashville area.

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