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Charming Local Gifts From Our Holiday Guide

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at Rebel Hill Florist, and we've got the Holiday Gift Guide to prove it. Packed with our most sensational seasonal blooms and vivid greens, this year's crop of designs are inspired by the rich hues and textures of the holidays, but they can also evoke a serene walk in the snowy woods. Our flower gifts and plants capture the best of the season, whether you're looking for a centerpiece, bouquet, wreath or more. In this week's blog, we want to highlight the items that reflect Nashville's holiday spirit in particular. Read More about Charming Local Gifts From Our Holiday Guide »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on December 9, 2017 Christmas Gifts Holidays

Special Secret Santa Gifts

If you're participating in Secret Santa this year, lucky you. This group gift swap has a long and storied past; in the U.S., it was inspired by a 20th century philanthropist who generously distributed $100 to strangers in a Kansas City street. Elsewhere, anonymous holiday giving has been a long-standing tradition. In Latin America, it's called "Secretos Amigos," in Ireland, "Kris Kringel." No matter where it's played, the premise remains the same: a giver's identity remains concealed, keeping the focus on the act of giving rather than the individual responsible for it. We at Rebel Hill Florist have put together a couple of gift ideas that will make your Secret Santa gift stand apart from the rest. Read More about Special Secret Santa Gifts »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on December 1, 2017 Christmas Corporate Gifts

A Day for Giving

This November 28 is Giving Tuesday, which arrives on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And like its counterparts, Giving Tuesday will have you reaching into your wallet. In this case, it's to give back to the organizations that do so much for our Nashville community. Now in its sixth year, Giving Tuesday is a global initiative to promote charitable giving, a cause near and dear to Rebel Hill Florist's heart. Read More about A Day for Giving »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on November 27, 2017 Giving Tuesday

Great Gifts for Co-Workers

We spend on average 34 hours a week at work, so it's really no stretch to say that our colleagues can be like family to us. And while we're decking the workplace halls and planning the office party this season, we're furthering that connection, strengthening our ties to each other and creating both holiday and team spirit. We at Rebel Hill Florist think it's a wonderful time of year to honor our work family with gifts. Read More about Great Gifts for Co-Workers »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on November 17, 2017 Christmas Corporate Gifts Gifts

Fall Flowers for Your Holiday Host

Last year, nearly 50 million people traveled at least 50 miles over hill and dale to break bread with their loved ones for Thanksgiving. There's nothing better than gathering around a table with friends and family to tuck into a gorgeous feast, especially if you didn't have to prepare it! While you may be contributing an item to the dinner table, we here at Rebel Hill Florist  are huge fans of the host gift - a special offering to your hosts that expresses your gratitude for their efforts. We believe you should arrive with your green bean casserole and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Read More about Fall Flowers for Your Holiday Host »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on November 2, 2017 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

Saluting a Veteran through Flowers

Here in Nashville, there are many events planned for Veterans Day, everything from the annual parade to the ceremony at War Memorial Plaza to salutes and concerts. Our city truly knows how to honor those who served in the U.S. military, and at Rebel Hill Florist, we'd also like to acknowledge our community's veterans the best way that we know how: through flowers. Read More about Saluting a Veteran through Flowers »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on October 27, 2017 Veteran's Day

Fall is for Dahlias

If you haven't noticed, dahlias are back and bigger than ever. They're trending on social media. They're appearing in of-the-moment wedding bouquets. They're gracing the cover of hardcover floral-centric books, and everyone from amateur gardeners to seasoned ones are into growing them. How lucky are we at Rebel Hill Florist that a) this complex beauty is back and b) that it's Fall, so we can showcase it in our seasonal designs. Read More about Fall is for Dahlias »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on October 25, 2017 Fall Flowers

Spirited & Beautiful Halloween Flowers

Go beyond mums. Switch out the harvest blooms. Save the cornucopias for Thanksgiving. Now is the time for spirited and beautiful Halloween flowers. Yes, Rebel Hill Florist has a spate of compelling autumnal bouquets that look fabulous next to your pumpkins and gourds. The full range of rustic colors are represented in a variety of baskets and vases, tied in plaid ribbon and rafia. But Halloween is a chance to really make a statement with your flowers. So while you're tricking out your home, give these boldly eccentric arrangements a go. Read More about Spirited & Beautiful Halloween Flowers »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on October 4, 2017 Halloween

Make Them Feel Loved on Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is a day set aside to make other people smile. And although it may not be the most well-known holiday, we think it should be, based on the fact that it was created to make sure that the poor and underprivileged felt valued. The observance began nearly 100 years ago in Cleveland, when over 25,000 boxes of chocolate were donated by local candy companies to orphans, shut-ins, and the elderly. The idea spread rapidly thanks to heavy media coverage, and over the years the regional initiative grew to include any gesture of kindness designed to let someone know that they are special. Actually, that is something that we at Rebel Hill Florist strive for every day - to make people smile and feel loved when they receive our beautiful bouquets and arrangements.  Read More about Make Them Feel Loved on Sweetest Day »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on October 4, 2017 Sweetest Day

Our Favorite Pet Halloween Costumes

As your local flower shop, Rebel Hill Florist has had the opportunity to be with you through many events and holidays. One of our favorite annual interactions with the Nashville community is our pet costume contest. As this contest is once again approaching ,we thought we would share some of our favorite pet Halloween costumes from 2016, so that you can begin to plan your pet's entry! (Follow us on Facebook to not miss the contest announcement.) Halloween is a fun time for everyone, even these costumed furry family members - take a look!  Read More about Our Favorite Pet Halloween Costumes »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on October 2, 2017 Contest Halloween