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Festive Spring Florals Celebrate Color & Texture

If there is one thing we love about springtime, it is the carefree sense of freedom inspired by warmer days and plenty of fresh air. All around us, nature is contributing her color and beauty to the landscape. And at Rebel Hill Florist, our floral designers have been creating with an eye towards the artistry of palettes and textures -resulting in exquisite, exclusive designs you will only find at our Nashville shop. Whether you stop by or browse our online Spring Collection, we know you will love these amazing arrangements, created from festive spring florals.  Read More about Festive Spring Florals Celebrate Color & Texture »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on May 8, 2017 Flowers Spring

Creative Nashville Mother’s Day Gifts

Our Moms deserve to be treated like royalty on Mother's Day - but every mom is unique and special, and one gift does not necessarily fit everyone. The key to a memorable Mother's Day gift is to select something that reflects her personality and passions while adding a bit of nostalgia or sentiment. Here are some suggestions from the team at Rebel Hill Florist to inspire you as you seek the perfect gift for your Mom!  Read More about Creative Nashville Mother’s Day Gifts »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on May 4, 2017 Mother's Day

Flowers & Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day and flowers just go together. In fact, flowers are such a time-honored and classic gift that Mother's Day is considered on of the biggest days of the year for sending floral arrangements. If you are looking for the best place in Nashville to find flowers & gifts for Mom, look no further than Rebel Hill Florist. After all, we have been your trusted partner in commemorating all of your special occasions for decades. Simply browse our collection, and choose a floral arrangement that reflects your Mom's style and personality - and we'll take care of the rest! Don't See What You Want? Perhaps Mom has a few favorite flowers you'd like to see arranged together. Or maybe there is a flower that has deep meaning for you both. Whatever the reason that you desire a custom arrangement for Mother's Day we would love to help.  Read More about Flowers & Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on April 27, 2017 Mother's Day

Easter Floral Bouquets and Designs

The Easter holiday has something for everyone - it is a blend of two completely opposite traditions, which over the years have landed on the same day and merged their customs. With references to rabbits and eggs arising from ancient pagan festivals, and the Christian customs originating from the Resurrection of Jesus, it is an odd pairing for sure. Still, most people do celebrate aspects of both traditions - and regardless of how you choose to celebrate the day, you'll need flowers. After all, flowers make every day more beautiful. The spring flowers and Easter floral bouquets from Rebel Hill Florist will add beauty and color to all your holiday festivities. (Check out our Easter collection!) Did You Know? The Easter lily is considered the official flower of Easter and is popular both in religious settings and as a gift. Legend ties the Easter lily to a garden that Jesus walked in, and the blooming plant is thought to represent hope and new beginnings.  Read More about Easter Floral Bouquets and Designs »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on March 23, 2017 Easter Floral Design Flowers

Birthday Arrangements with Spring Daisies

  The daisy seems so simple and unassuming, but in reality, this is truly a fascinating flower! The common daisy which we are familiar with - with its iconic white petals and golden center - is one of a family that boasts over 23,000 varieties, with cousins as diverse as the artichoke and the sunflower. In the month of April, we celebrate the daisy as the official birth flower, and at Rebel Hill Florist we have designed beautiful daisy bouquets and arrangements sure to make your loved ones smile on their special day. How Many Flowers Do You Count? The daisy is known as a composite flower, which means it is actually a flowering plant made up of many, singular "florets". Take a close look at the colorful disk center to see the many tiny flowers that make up a single bloom. Incredibly, each "petal" is actually a small flower as well, making this flower a lot more complex than it initially appears!   Read More about Birthday Arrangements with Spring Daisies »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on March 14, 2017 Birthdays Flowers

Finding Puppies a Forever Home

Ten years ago, Colleen Paige began promoting National Puppy Day as a way to encourage people to adopt puppies (and older dogs) from shelters instead of purchasing them from for-profit breeders. Citing the overpopulation problem in the United States, and the sheer number of dogs being surrendered to rescue shelters, Ms. Paige began the grassroots effort which became a social media phenomenon and is recognized worldwide. Did You Know? The numbers are staggering. Each year, nearly 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters, and only 35% of them will ever be rehomed. Sadly, approximately 1.4 million of those dogs will be euthanized. Even with so many "unwanted" animals, there are 70,000 new puppies born annually.  Read More about Finding Puppies a Forever Home »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on March 5, 2017 Flowers