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Dorm Decor for College Rooms

This fall, over 20 millions students are preparing to return to college campuses. Of those, approximately 12 million will be attending college for the first time - and just over 2 million will be experiencing dorm life for the very first time. Of course, that means that those same students will likely be living away from home for the first time in their lives - an intimidating fact in any situation, but especially so when it is compounded with roommates they don't know, classes they are unfamiliar with and a campus that seems to large to navigate. At Rebel Hill Florist, we understand how very important it is to you that your student will feel as comfortable as possible in their new space - and to that end, we have lovely dorm decor that will create a personal and homey vibe. Read More about Dorm Decor for College Rooms »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on July 17, 2017 | Last Updated: July 23, 2017 Back to School

Observe Sisters Day – Celebrate Your First Friend

In 1935, Congress enacted National Friendship Day (scheduled for the first Sunday in August) to celebrate one of life's most important relationships. Although the holiday never became a major observance in the United States, it is celebrated in many nations around the world - and it does give us a great opportunity to shower our best friends with gratitude and affection. On the same date - August 6 - National Sisters Day is also on the calendar. Given that our best friends and our sisters are often one and the same, this seems entirely appropriate!  Read More about Observe Sisters Day – Celebrate Your First Friend »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on July 13, 2017 | Last Updated: July 16, 2017 Flowers

Delphinium to Celebrate July Birthdays

In the heat of the summer, we would like to present you with a beautiful and refreshing floral choice which will immediately cool down the room with unique beauty - the blue delphinium. Known as one of the few true-blue flowers, the delphinium is also the birth flower of July, making it a perfect choice for all of your July celebrations. Where would you get such a beautiful and exotic flower? Right here in Nashville, at Rebel Hill Florist. Not Always Blue: Delphinium actually grow in many colors, from pink to yellow and lavender. But it is the striking blue variety which garners the most accolades, both for its deep hues and elegant height.  Read More about Delphinium to Celebrate July Birthdays »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on July 8, 2017 | Last Updated: July 10, 2017 Flowers

Invite Butterflies With Beautiful Flowers

It's a beautiful summer day. You are relaxing in the yard, enjoying all the colors of the season, sipping on your favorite beverage - and a few butterflies drop in to say hello and explore the plants and flowers. Everyone loves when a gorgeous butterfly makes an appearance - so this summer, how about setting up your yard so that the butterflies are not only attracted to visit, but to stay? Butterfly gardens need not be extravagant or complicated; in fact, they only need a few things - the perfect spot, bright and nectar-filled flowers, a little water, and a few rocks. Rebel Hill Florist is here to help you with the florals you need to get going! Do You Have to Plant a Garden? You do not need to plant an actual garden in the ground to attract butterflies. You will have success with window boxes or potted plants as well. The key is to provide a safe, protected area of concentrated flowers that catch their attention.  Read More about Invite Butterflies With Beautiful Flowers »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on July 2, 2017 | Last Updated: July 5, 2017 Flowers Summer

Patriotic Bouquets & Gifts for July 4th

Summer is in full swing! And as June comes to a close, the country turns its eyes to Independence Day, one of the most anticipated days of the summer season. Picnics, parades, and fireworks dominate the family fun - and in Nashville, of course, there is a lot of music as well! Patriotic bouquets and floral arrangements are a bright and colorful way to bring the spirit of American pride to any gathering, and Rebel Hill Florist has exactly what you need to beautifully showcase the red, white & blue. Did You Know? Red signifies valor and sacrifice, white stands for purity of heart, and blue for perseverance, loyalty, and justice.  Read More about Patriotic Bouquets & Gifts for July 4th »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on June 22, 2017 | Last Updated: June 25, 2017 4th of July Holidays

Summer Party Centerpieces and Flowers

It's summer in Nashville, and life is lived outside - from a hike in Percy Warner Park to wine-tasting at Arrington Vineyards, we love exploring the place we call home. One of our very favorite pastimes of summer is getting together for long, relaxed evenings with friends and family. Whether an elegant dinner or casual barbecue, dining with loved ones is a summer tradition. This year, add a little color, elegance, whimsy, and beauty to your summer tables, with summer party centerpieces and arrangements from Rebel Hill Florist. Stay Hydrated! Keep your flowers fresh and vivid -  vibrant summer colors do best when in the shade or resting in water. Keep your flowers hydrated, and they'll keep your party beautiful.  Read More about Summer Party Centerpieces and Flowers »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on June 15, 2017 | Last Updated: June 19, 2017 Floral Design Flowers Summer

Summertime Roses, Designs & Bouquets

The sights and sounds of summer are vivid and vibrant, with beautiful color and excitement in the air. Nashville is buzzing with activity and everything is just a little more bright - making June ideal for celebrating National Rose Month. Although these flowers are beloved all year long, summer roses give us the opportunity to send an iconic flower with a whimsical twist. Choose neon pinks, sunset oranges, or radiant yellows - but choose roses! They are perfect for your best friend, your mom, or your sweetheart - and Rebel Hill Florist has all of the beautiful summertime roses you'll need. Can't Get Enough? Check out our Pinterest Board for amazing photos of our rose bouquets and floral designs!  Read More about Summertime Roses, Designs & Bouquets »
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Father’s Day Gifts for an Awesome Dad

There is no one quite like your father. And although there are thousands of dads in the Nashville area - and over 71 million across the country - yours is definitely one-of-a-kind. As we approach June 18, the experts at Rebel Hill Florist would like to make some suggestions for Father's Day gifts that may be a bit unexpected, but are just as special as he is. Did You Know? Father's Day is one of our younger holidays, having been established in 1966 by Lyndon Johnson. The woman who campaigned for it (Sonora Smart-Dodd) had been raised by a single father, and believed that he deserved a day as special as mothers already had.  Read More about Father’s Day Gifts for an Awesome Dad »
Posted by rebelhillflorist on May 26, 2017 | Last Updated: May 30, 2017 Father's Day