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A Basket Of Green Goodness

By rebelhillflorist on March 26, 2018 in Easter, Holidays, Plants. 0 Comments

Spring is finally here, although that may be a subject for debate in many parts of the country. While Mother Nature continues to tease us with tastes of warmer weather, we know that climate is a fickle thing, and you can’t count on anything when it comes to weather - except for the unpredictable. But you can count on Rebel Hill Florist to provide you with a wide range of flowers and flowering plants with which to fill your home or to give as gifts - for Easter, or any other occasion. Read More about A Basket Of Green Goodness

Easter Floral Bouquets and Designs

By rebelhillflorist on March 23, 2017 in Easter, Floral Design, Flowers. 0 Comments

The Easter holiday has something for everyone - it is a blend of two completely opposite traditions, which over the years have landed on the same day and merged their customs. With references to rabbits and eggs arising from ancient pagan festivals, and the Christian customs originating from the Resurrection of Jesus, it is an odd pairing for sure. Still, most people do celebrate aspects of both traditions - and regardless of how you choose to celebrate the day, you'll need flowers. After all, flowers make every day more beautiful. The spring flowers and Easter floral bouquets from Rebel Hill Florist will add beauty and color to all your holiday festivities. (Check out our Easter collection!) Did You Know? The Easter lily is considered the official flower of Easter and is popular both in religious settings and as a gift. Legend ties the Easter lily to a garden that Jesus walked in, and the blooming plant is thought to represent hope and new beginnings.  Read More about Easter Floral Bouquets and Designs