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Flowers For Your 4th of July Table

By rebelhillflorist on June 24, 2018 in 4th of July, Flowers. 0 Comments

There are few occasions that call upon our national pride quite like the 4th of July does. This iconic summer holiday is also a historic celebration of our country's independence, a commemoration of those who have nobly served the U.S., and a time to gather with friends and family. We attend parades and other festivities, spend time in the great outdoors, play football, go boating, soak up the sun. We host barbecues and potlucks and pool parties, and at the end of it all, we head out to see the fireworks, our own sparklers in tow. Whether we're having people over to our own homes or going to someone else's, some patriotic flowers are in order to mark the occasion the way only flowers can. Rebel Hill Florist is here to help you do that. Read More about Flowers For Your 4th of July Table

Patriotic Bouquets & Gifts for July 4th

By rebelhillflorist on June 22, 2017 in 4th of July, Holidays. 0 Comments

Summer is in full swing! And as June comes to a close, the country turns its eyes to Independence Day, one of the most anticipated days of the summer season. Picnics, parades, and fireworks dominate the family fun - and in Nashville, of course, there is a lot of music as well! Patriotic bouquets and floral arrangements are a bright and colorful way to bring the spirit of American pride to any gathering, and Rebel Hill Florist has exactly what you need to beautifully showcase the red, white & blue. Did You Know? Red signifies valor and sacrifice, white stands for purity of heart, and blue for perseverance, loyalty, and justice.  Read More about Patriotic Bouquets & Gifts for July 4th