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Show Them Adoration on Valentine’s Day

By rebelhillflorist on February 4, 2019 in Gifts, Holidays, Valentine's Day. 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means we begin to think about what to send our significant others for Valentine’s Day. However, this year consider also gifting other special people in your life with a Valentine's Day surprise. Your child’s teacher, for example, works very hard and has become a special individual in the life of your child. Let her know how much you appreciate her hard work and care with a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. The floral designers at Rebel Hill Florist are creating some amazing gifts and floral bouquets for Valentine’s Day this year for you to choose from. Read More about Show Them Adoration on Valentine’s Day

Living Coral is the Authentic Color of 2019

By rebelhillflorist on January 7, 2019 in Floral Design, Flowers, Gifts, Roses. 0 Comments

The newest, trendiest color of 2019 has been announced, and this year’s Color of the Year is Living Coral! This animated, life-affirming coral hue with golden undertones will be seen everywhere this year, from fashion to entertainment to home decor. The vibrant yet mellow vibe this color invokes will be a positive boost to any palette. The floral experts at Rebel Hill Florist recommend choosing flowers as the best way to incorporate this exciting new color into your world. Read More about Living Coral is the Authentic Color of 2019

Festive DIY Crafts

By rebelhillflorist on December 2, 2018 in Christmas, Gifts, Holidays, Plants. 0 Comments

The holidays aren’t the holidays until you begin to decorate your home for the season. As the holidays approach, consider including fun, festive do-it-yourself crafts to enhance your existing holiday designs. Let children help you create paper poinsettias to hang or display near and around your real poinsettias. The time spent with family and friends creating great holiday designs will be remembered for years to come. Take a look at some of the fabulous designs the floral artisans at Rebel Hill Florist have created to go with your amazing homemade designs. Read More about Festive DIY Crafts

Unique Holiday Gifts

By rebelhillflorist on November 26, 2018 in Christmas, Gifts, Holidays. 0 Comments

One of the best parts of the holidays is finding the perfect gift for that special someone. Knowing it’s exactly what they need or want is such a joy. Let giving be better than receiving this season when you find the gift that will cheer their hearts and fill them with joy this season. A gift that is lasting can be enjoyed all season and beyond. The best-selling holiday gift collection at Rebel Hill Florist is so amazing, we might just have exactly what you’re looking for. Read More about Unique Holiday Gifts

A Clever Gift For The Dad In Your Life

By rebelhillflorist on June 4, 2018 in Father's Day, Gifts. 0 Comments

“My father didn’t do anything unusual. He did what dads are supposed to do- be there.” -Max Lucado Father’s Day is an excellent time to celebrate all the dads in your life- not just your own father, but also grandfathers, the father of your children, and your brother or son in his role as a father. Which fathers do you know who have turned the simple task of “being there” into an extraordinary upbringing for their children? This Father’s Day, tell the dads you know what a great impact they’ve had on you and the children they’ve influenced- just by being there. The floral designers at Rebel Hill Florist are ready to help with creative gifts and flowers just for dad. Read More about A Clever Gift For The Dad In Your Life

Gifts With Flavor For The Graduate

By rebelhillflorist on April 30, 2018 in Flowers, Gifts, Graduation. 0 Comments

We’re getting close to the end of the school year. It’s an exciting time for graduates - regardless of whether they’re graduating from grade school, middle school, high school, or college. It represents the end of one chapter of their lives and the beginning of a new chapter - whatever that may hold for each graduate. The Rebel Hill Florist team is eager to help people throughout the Nashville community make each graduation, the special event it is and should be for graduates. Read More about Gifts With Flavor For The Graduate

Offer Them Flowers For An Entire Year

By rebelhillflorist on January 9, 2018 in Flowers, Gifts. 0 Comments

One of the best resolutions we can make at the New Year is to spend more time with our loved ones and to ensure that they know how much we care all year long. When it comes to the latter, we here at Rebel Hill Florist love one unique gift-giving concept in particular, and the timing for it couldn't be better. It's called Flowers For A Year and yes, that's all 12 months - literally a year of flowers. Read More about Offer Them Flowers For An Entire Year

Charming Local Gifts From Our Holiday Guide

By rebelhillflorist on December 9, 2017 in Christmas, Gifts, Holidays. 0 Comments

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at Rebel Hill Florist, and we've got the Holiday Gift Guide to prove it. Packed with our most sensational seasonal blooms and vivid greens, this year's crop of designs are inspired by the rich hues and textures of the holidays, but they can also evoke a serene walk in the snowy woods. Our flower gifts and plants capture the best of the season, whether you're looking for a centerpiece, bouquet, wreath or more. In this week's blog, we want to highlight the items that reflect Nashville's holiday spirit in particular. Read More about Charming Local Gifts From Our Holiday Guide

Great Gifts for Co-Workers

By rebelhillflorist on November 17, 2017 in Christmas, Corporate Gifts, Gifts. 0 Comments

We spend on average 34 hours a week at work, so it's really no stretch to say that our colleagues can be like family to us. And while we're decking the workplace halls and planning the office party this season, we're furthering that connection, strengthening our ties to each other and creating both holiday and team spirit. We at Rebel Hill Florist think it's a wonderful time of year to honor our work family with gifts. Read More about Great Gifts for Co-Workers