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Tips for Sending Flowers to Someone in the Hospital

There’s nothing better than an uplifting and bright bouquet of flowers to elevate someone’s spirits, especially if they are in the hospital. Fragrant, colorful, blooms do wonders for livening up a drab hospital room, and the recipient’s mood. In fact,… Read More about Tips for Sending Flowers to Someone in the Hospital »
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Two Ways To Wish Them A Get Well

There's nothing like a get well gift of flowers to cheer up an ailing loved one. Flowers and plants have the unique ability to lift our spirits and create the kind of happiness that lasts several days (a Rutgers study confirms this). For centuries, flowers have been utilized for their medicinal qualities in teas and tinctures, and even flower essence has been said to have healing properties. At Rebel Hill Florist, we've got a collection of get well arrangements designed to perk up anyone who may be suffering this cold and flu season, but two of our favorites deserve special mention. Read More about Two Ways To Wish Them A Get Well »
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Cheer Them Up with Get Well Flowers

Tis the season of sneezing and sniffling, and unfortunately it is hard to avoid. Feeling sick is never on anyone's schedule, and our lives being disrupted to deal with illness or injury is no fun. If someone you love is dealing with an illness large or small, they may be fighting emotions of depression or anxiety. However, we have good news! Fresh flowers have been scientifically proven to be an antidote to sadness - in fact, Harvard Univeristy scholars have determined that flowers have an instantaneous, positive effect on anyone who receives them. At Rebel Hill Florist, we are committed to creating the get well flowers and gifts that are certain to put a smile on your loved one's face - and get them started on the road to recovery. Read More about Cheer Them Up with Get Well Flowers »
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